Two tiny toes and the sweetest chubby cheeks.. well, three sets of them! I'm Alysha, the owner and operater of Royal Serenities!

I'm a mother of three young children (two girls and one boy) with a passion for creating beautiful baby gifts for the tiniest of customers! When I'm not creating, my husband and I are in full-blown parenting mode - a mode I'm sure you can relate to.

This all started while on my maternity leave with my oldest. The quiet (sometimes lonely) moments during naps. I needed to fill my time with something other than watching my precious babe sleep. Although it took 4 years for Royal Serenities to officially become ROYAL SERENITIES, it has been one wild ride.


The sweetest, most precious gift has made their debut and this is a reason for celebration! not just anything will do; this calls for a SPECIAL gift. Something that will be cherished for years to come.

You've come to the right place. Here at Royal Serenities, we understand the importance of a special and memorable gift for this blissful time.

We curate beautifully handmade baby gifts for the sweetest arrivals with love, tenderness and care. There is a reason why we are loved by many and have several loyal, returning customers.

We can't wait to curate the most perfect baby gift for you!



We feel so blessed to be able to spread happiness and contribute to this blissful time! Thank you for trusting us and hope to see you again soon!


Customer Testimonial

"so cute the recipients love it"

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